Ira G. Glickstein

Visionary Prophet (:^)



I’m a retired system engineer (IBM/Lockheed Martin) with my name on five patents in the area of artificial intelligence and a PhD in System Science. I currently teach an online graduate course in System Engineering at the University of Maryland. My wife and I live in Central Florida, about an hour and a half north of Disney World. Our children and grandchildren love to visit.

My PhD is in System Science from Binghamton University (NY). The title of my dissertation is Hierarchy Theory: Some Common Properties of Competitively Selected Systems (1996). See my Knol at for an overview of my Optimal Span Hypothesis.
I administer a Blog for courteous discussion of serious topics called The Virtual Philosophy Club. You are invited to join the Blog as a Lurker, Commenter or Author at
I am also the author of 2052-The Hawking Plan, a high-tech novel with predictions of “life, liberty, and technology” in the second half of the 21st century. You can read my novel for free online at At that website you can also comment on the novel and discuss my predictions with me and other readers. That website also has helpful information for readers, including descriptions of Characters, definitions of Unusual Words, and a list and description of my Technological Predictions.
You may purchase a printed copy of my novel, 2052-The Hawking Plan at