Exercise in Bed – Do Your 4’s!

Some easy exercises you can do in four minutes flat in bed.



Do some easy exercises in bed morning and evening. Energize yourself for the day. Relax yourself for some solid sleep every evening. If you do this every day for 120 years I guarantee you will live long :^)


Getting Started

Make sure the covers are firmly tucked in at the foot of the bed and you are comfortably under them. When the guide says Do Your 4’s that means to do four sets of four.

1 – Flat on your Back

a) Hands together. There is an imaginary bungee cord between your hands and your right toe. As you do arm curls, lift your right foot. Do Your 4’s (Do four sets of four.)
b) Repeat for left toe. Do Your 4’s
c) Hands under your butt, palms down, thumbs and index fingers touching each other. Bend your knees. Lift your butt off the bed, hold for a count of four. Do Your 4’s
d) Hands together, stretch and reach for the ceiling with a small crunch, your fingers intertwined and alternately stretching one hand up while pulling down with the other.  Do Your 4’s
e) Stretch and reach to your right. Do Your 4’s
f) Stretch and reach to your left. Do Your 4’s
g) Bend your left knee. Press your left foot down and stretch your left hand to the right, gently twisting your body. Do Your 4’s
h) Repeat for your right knee and hand. Do Your 4’s

2 – Roll Onto your Side

a) Roll onto your right side. There is an imaginary bungee cord between your left hand and your left foot. As you do arm curls, lift your left foot.  Do Your 4’s
b) While still on your right side, bend your right hand and make a fist. Grab the fist with your left hand and press down, raising your shoulder off the bed. Do Your 4’s
c) Repeat for your left side. Do Your 4’s

3 – Roll Back on your Back

a) Touch your hands to the pillow near your ears. Press your arms down, raising your head and shoulders. Do Your 4’s
b) If your headboard is sturdy, grab it with your hands and pull yourself up. (If you have any questions about how sturdy it is, do not do this part.) Do Your 4’s
c) Lift your right knee to your chest. Grab it with both hands and squeeze it towards your body. Do Your 4’s
d) Repeat for your left knee. Do Your 4’s
e) Lift both knees to your chest. Grab them and squeeze them towards your body. Do Your 4’s
f) Spread your knees apart and grab your toes. Pull them towards you. Do Your 4’s
g) Fold the covers down to your waist. Put your hands together high over your head. Quickly lower your hands and reach them towards your toes, doing a sit-up. While sitting up, grasp your toes with your hands and pull on them. Do Your 4’s
h) Spread your feet as far apart as you can. Do the sit-ups and toe pulls again. Do Your 4’s
i) Do a bit of a “hula” with your hips. Do Your 4’s

4 – Roll Over on your Stomach

a) “Hands up” past your head, raise your left leg and right arm and hold for a count of four. Raise your right leg and left arm and hold for a count of four. Raise both legs, hold for a count of four. Do Your 4’s
b) Do a “girly” push-up (fulcrum is your knees rather than your toes). Do Your 4’s
I’ve been doing these exercises for years and I think they have improved my life. I hope they work for you!